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Celebrating 26 years in the used car business, Hermanson's Auto Warehouse is a family owned and operated New Hampshire used car dealership. 

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Transparency - Let us tell you about our dealership.


Hermanson’s Auto Warehouse LTD is a family owned and operated  used car dealer,

offering Buy Here Pay Here - In House Financing on select inventory.


How many other Dealerships do you know that offer financing with 0% Interest, no credit needed? Our In House Finance program is so simple.


  • We do not pull credit reports; your credit does not affect eligibility.
  • We do not charge interest. (0% APR for the term of 12-18 months)
  • An in house credit application is required for pre approval.
  • Down payment (differs per vehicle, roughly 50%).
  • You must be a Maine or New Hampshire resident
  • Full coverage Insurance is required on loans of $2,000.00 or higher
  • Automatic payment withdrawal is recommended for all new customers.
  • monthly payments starting as low as $200.00.
  • We will hold a lien on the title of the purchased vehicle.
  • 6 month warranty required at additional cost (cost of warranty depends on the vehicle)


Our dealership sells vehicles to their customers in three different ways. We sell our inventory either “As Is”, Inspection only, or inspection and a warranty. Below will explain the details of each condition.


Buying a Used Vehicle

We sell used vehicles not new vehicles. We buy the majority of our inventory from auctions. We bring them back to our dealership, repair them as needed to get them running and driving properly, and clean them in preparation to sell. Our vehicles are priced in the condition they are in at the time of sale. Our prices reflect mileage, wear and tear, and over all value given the year, make and model of the vehicle. We do our best, having been in the business since 1993 to avoid any vehicles that are known to have expensive faulty parts. Because we are selling used vehicles with moving parts to a variety of customers who drive and care for them each uniquely, it is uncertain how long each part will last before needing replacement. Understand however that this is part of the risk you the buyer take in order to save when purchasing a used vehicle versus a new one.


“As Is” “Where Is” condition

When our dealership sells a car “As Is” the price will reflect this. An “As Is” sale is just that, there is no warranty, and no inspection. The car is sold in the shape it is in, in the location it sits. The car will not be issued a temporary plate, the car will not be issued an inspection sticker, the car will not have any warranty. Our dealer representative will verbally explain the sale to you and, your paperwork will also have all these details printed clearly for your records. Be sure as the buyer that you listen fully and understand the details of your sale.


Vehicles sold at our dealership with a New Hampshire Inspection only, No warranty

When we sell a vehicle with an inspection, we process the New Hampshire inspection at the time of sale in the new owners name. The car sale will include the inspection and a 20 day temporary plate, but is otherwise as is without warranty. This means that the car at the time of sale goes through the State of New Hampshire’s inspection process and meets the following criteria. In the State of New Hampshire there are two parts to the inspection process.


The first part of the inspection is the safety of the physical parts on the vehicle:

Below is a list of items which are included in the general inspection process:

  • Registration, plates, registration certificate and vehicle identification number.
  • Steering, front end and suspension.
  • Brakes, including parking brake.
  • Odometer and speedometer.
  • Electrical system, horn and defroster.
  • Lights and reflectors, including headlight aim.
  • Glass, glazing and mirrors.
  • Wipers.
  • Exhaust system.
  • On-board diagnostics system.
  • Body, chassis and bumper height.
  • Fuel system.
  • Tires and wheels.

The above featured parts are checked here at our Dealership as a licenced inspection station to ensure they are within inspectable limits. Please know that passing inspection does not mean that all the above parts are brand new, neither does it mean that the above part will not need replacement from the future wear and tear you will cause while driving it.

The second part of New Hampshire’s inspection process is the Emissions/On-Board Diagnostics (OBD)

In addition to a physical safety inspection required for all vehicles, pursuant to RSA 266:59-b IV, vehicles less than 20 years old must have an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) test as part of the inspection process. On-Board Diagnostics is a computer-based system built into all 1996 and newer light-duty passenger vehicles to monitor the performance of some of the engine's major components, including emission control components. The OBD system helps the motorist know if their vehicle has a defect that could cause excess pollution. In addition, it helps mechanics accurately diagnose problems and make effective vehicle repairs.

OBD Rejections:

If a vehicle we sell at our dealership passes the safety inspection but fails the OBD process, the State of New Hampshire will issue a one time 60-day repair period that allows us to have necessary diagnostics and repairs performed, and to have the vehicle re-tested to verify repairs. A rejection is often due to a recent repair or failed battery which resets the computer system in the vehicle. If there is a remaining problem, this 60 day period is used to fix it. You as the buyer will be given full use of your newly purchased vehicle. We will request that you bring the vehicle back to our dealership to have your inspection completed within the 60 day period. You will be required to leave the car with us in order to complete this process. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience. The OBD inspection is a State requirement.


Vehicles sold at our dealership with a New Hampshire Inspection, and a 60 day warranty


Hermanson’s Auto Warehouse LTD is unique in that we are a buy here pay here dealership offering In House Financing. When a customer requests financing, the vehicle will be sold with the New Hampshire State inspection, 20 day plate, and a 6 month in house warranty. The 6 month warranty is required with all in house financed vehicles and will be provided at an additional cost to the buyer.


The 6 month warranty is valid only at Hermanson’s Auto Warehouse LTD.  Our used vehicle warranty offers free labor to install any failed or faulty part with in the first 6 months from the purchase date. As the customer you pay only for the replacement parts.  


  • All parts must be purchased through Hermanson’s Auto Warehouse from Napa or dealer direct.
  • You the customer are responsible for the retail price of the part. Payment in full for parts will be required before driving the vehicle away.
  • All labor is free for 6 months when installed at Hermanson’s Auto Warehouse LTD.

If warranty repairs are needed you will need to make an appointment and bring the vehicle here to our dealership to have the repairs completed. It is impossible for us to fix the vehicle if we do not have the vehicle here to repair. We do not offer loaner vehicles. You will need to arrange for your own transportation while your vehicle is being repaired.


Attitude goes a long way, we will bend over backwards for a happy customer. Some of our customers choose to complain about their vehicle needing repairs. They may say to us for instance; that they just bought it a few months ago, why didn’t you replace this part then? The truth is that we can’t fix a part that isn’t broken. The part was working when they bought the vehicle. To the customer, leaving their vehicle here for repairs is an inconvenience. However, we can not fix the vehicle if it is not here to be repaired. Believe us we don’t want the vehicle to need repairs either. Please know that the warranty is meant to be a courtesy to the customer and deserves appreciation.


Lastly, our warranty is separate from our in house financing. As stated in the finance contract, the monthly payments will be required even if the vehicle has needed or is being repaired.




The Hermanson Family

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